BAG Top Ten

What is the biggest fin on the BAG site? Our new Top Ten page will answer that question. This is our best estimate from the photos and info supplied, so we are open to debate. Think we're overrating one or missing another? Let us know. We have no way of verifying any except the State Record fish. Note that the date shown is the date posted, not the date the fin was caught. We look forward to your pic on this page. Verify your catch with length, weight, and girth if you can. We need info on big fins to improve our Weight Tables.

Thanks to NickV!

#1 February 2013, FL

#2 AL State Record

#3 August 2008, IL

18lb-6oz bowfin
Nelson S,

#4 NC State Record

#5 WR Catch and Release

#6 May 2003, FL

GregD Sr.,
36-1/2" L, 18" G
Brian R,
17.8 lb, 37" L, 19-1/4" G
Jeff S,

#7 April 2011, NC

#8 IL State Record

#9 July 2014, GA

IL State Record,
GA State Record (courtesy of Tim B),
16lb 3oz, 33-1/4"

#10 Oct 2006, WI

Bob E,
16lb+, 32"
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