Bowfin Quick Start Guide

There is a lot to read on this site and all you want to know is "How do I catch a bowfin?" Thanks to BAG member NickV (Florida) for this condensed version -- our Bowfinner's Quick Start Guide.


NickV and a fine FL bowfin

Long dorsal fin, short anal fin (on the belly closest to the tail), and a smiling mouthful of sharp teeth? That's a bowfin!



Fins are a four season fish, and although they are caught through the ice, the best time is hot, summer days when nothing else is biting.




May 2011 - The basics of landing a fin:

May 2011 - Basics of handling a landed fin:

Henry V


Snap quick pics (sun behind the photographer, focus on the subject, big and clear photos - Nick's pic at the top is ideal), release the fin to fight again, and e-mail pics and the story to Be sure our favorite fish is in the Subject line.

If you want to eat a few in moderation try this recipe:

TimT's Baked Buttermilk Bowfin


This is just a starter, not an end-all. Browse around - there's lots more to learn when you have the time

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