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Are you ready to become one of America's Toughest? There is one requirement - You acknowledge that the bowfin is a sportfish worthy of respect, promoting the BAG and our message when the opportunity arises. This membership is FREE!

It doesn't matter if you're an active finner, can't go finnin' as often as you like, haven't been finnin' in years, or have never caught a fin in your life, as long as you believe in "America's Toughest Sportfish For 100,000,000 Years!©". Our foreign friends, suffering miserably for want of bowfin in their homelands, are welcome to join too.

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Are you tired of being the Lone Finner? Set up (or join) a BAG Chapter! Entirely autonomous, you run it the way you like - dues or not, online or get together, events or chat - what ever you want to do. It can be geographic or you can pick any other criterium for your Chapter.

Send me the Chapter name you've chosen, contact info, Chapter criteria/info, and a member list, even if it is just you for starters. This will take time to develop so be patient, but it will take work on your part to promote your chapter.

Becoming a recognized Chapter of the BAG will be free, but any inappropriate behavior (sponsoring a b@$$ fishing contest, for example) will be grounds for Chapter disbarment.

Thanks to TimT, NC for this idea. (03/03/07)


ID Chapter Name Contact Criteria/Info Members
C101 Southern Bowfin Chapter ncpierman at Contact TimT for further information TimT - President, Wayne H
C102 Northeast BAG surgicalangler at bowfinanglers.comContact SurgicalAngler (ScottP) for more info Surgical Angler
C103 Kentucky Dog Fish Anglers kydfa at Contact KYDogfishin (ChadS) for more info! KYDogfishin (ChadS)
C104 Liberty County (TX) Bowfin Anglers rr_cmoose at hotmail.comContact BoydH for more info! BoydH, KeithS, MattP
C105 Northern Indiana Dogfish Anglers trberk at Contact TRBERK (TerryB) for more info! TerryB
C106 Triangle BAG (NC) henryv at bowfinanglers.comWe'll hold a tournament in the spring! JoeA, JohnC, Ian, JohnS, SteveS,HenryV
C107 Minnesota Bowfin Club(MBC) basspastor at Chapter CriteriaInfo Too many to list - 45+!
C108 TEAM BOWFIN (Choupique Chapter),Houma, LA Dane P - gzoneormond at yahoo.comMission Statement - To edify the most underated fish in freshwater sports by unifying all core anglers! Membership awarded to those who support TEAM BOWFIN wear/gear! New chapters recognized by advertising under the TEAM BOWFIN banner and who also support team bowfin wear/gear. *TEAM BOWFIN is a legal trademark. Dane P, Jacob R, and Coby L
Cxxx Your Chapter Here yourchapter at Do it today!  
Cxxx Your Chapter Here yourchapter at bowfinanglers.comDo it today!  

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