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More than just great recipes - stories, recordings, music, videos and humorous anecdotes to entertain. Real Cajun Cooking
JacquesG, 08/26/11

Finnin' reports from Texas! The Texas Bowfin Chronicles.
PhilS, 06/24/11

FREE! Downloadable books on Hunting, Fishing, and the Great Outdoors! The Classic Outdoorsman.
MikeF, 01/16/11

Educate yourself or even make bowfin your job! Online Education: The Ichthyology Resource .
MelindaM, 12/01/10

This ain't no Boutique -this is a fishin' store! When you are near Charlotte Harbor, FL, visit Fishin' Franks!

A site about multi-species angling Coolwater Fish

The final word on Freshwater Fishing records and a great place to visit. You haven't lived until you've been in the muskie's mouth. Please support their efforts by joining today. There is an easy online signup. The Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame

NatureServe lists range maps as well as conservation status for our friend the bowfin

Great page on Rough Fish - Great pics and info. You can spend hours here. I especially like the Life Lists and Catch log:

Thanks to a post at by John G, I did a little research at Fishbase. It is a worthwhile site, and has much info presented in scientific format. Be sure to check Occurances at the bottom for clues to your local hotspots.

If you're in that neck of the woods, or if you are just interested in great fishing info, including gar and bowfin, be sure to check out Mickey Maynard's great page: Lake Champlain Angler

From New Jersey, but has folks weighing in on bowfin from around the country: Vernon Web

Very interesting images of a bowfin full-body x-ray Bowfin X-Rays

Lots of good info discussed here: North American Native Fishes Association

Wisconsin Bowfin Info

Louisiana Fishing Mag

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